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Rest assured, it hasn’t!

You are most likely reading this because you have received an email from what looks like Itunes that looks something like the following:

This is just the latest in a long line of methods that hackers and phishers are using to lure in unsuspecting users. First we had hundreds of people winning Nigerian lotteries, then we had people being charged astronomical amounts on their paypal accounts. Now we have this new Itunes scam.

I will admit, this is probably the most intelligent method that has been used to date. There would be a huge temptation to click the cancel order button upon receiving this email, trying to avoid this huge charge. The reality is though, by clicking this link, you could be unwittingly installing a virus or other types of malware on your computer.

There is one easy way to avoid such emails catching you out though. You need to check in your browser where these links are actually linking to. Just because a link says order for example, does not mean that is where the URL is going to take you. Hover over or click on that previous link to see what I mean.



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