Answers to Frequently Asked Design Questions

Explore the answers to our collection of design questions that we get asked on a daily basis. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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How Much Does A Logo Cost?
We recognise that every project is unique so it would be impossible to offer a set price. If you would like to receive a quotation please fill out the quotation form on our hire page and we will respond ASAP.
Can You Give Us A Timeframe For Your Process?
It really depends on the requirements. Logo design & brand identity projects are dynamic and can vary in depth and therefore timespan. For simple logo design requests we can deliver within 3 weeks, complete brand identities will be much longer. We allow at least two months for web design & development projects to ensure everything passes the required testing. We are perfectionists & so we don't rush. We also rely upon quick client responses in order to hit deadlines.
Can I Interview You?
Of course! We love to help out students and the press whenever possible. If there is some information that you need but can't find it on our website then please
drop us a message.
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept BACS & Paypal but would prefer Gold, Frankincense & Mhyrr.
Do You Do Commissioned Artwork?
We certainly do! Gareth is currently in process of setting up his own illustration portfolio at All of the work we produce is crafted by ourselves.
Can We Buy Any Of Your Unused Designs?
You can, but we would prefer that you didn't. If we feel a particular unused design is the perfect solution to your brief then we can negotiate a sale. Ideally, we would want to start from scratch and really dig deep into the creative process to produce something magnificent especially for you.
Do You Have Any References?
We have been lucky enough to have previously worked with some great clients. See what they had to say about us in some of our client testimonials. We are more than happy to supply our CVs should you wish to see them.
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Can You Make The Logo Bigger?
We love logos more than anyone but we recognise that achieving the right balance is essential for any type of design work. If you really want a giant logo to take over your life then this cream is the perfect remedy.
Fancy Entering Your Work Into A Competition
Thanks for the invitation but we don't participate in speculative work or competitions. We are more than happy to answer requests for design proposals but prefer to work with clients on a one-to-one basis. Why not let us create something amazing especially for you? Enquire for a logo design quote.
Can We Pay After We've Seen Some Sketches
Ideas are our most valuable asset and unfortunately we can't give them away for free. To receive a design proposal please out our quotation form.
Can You Print In White Ink?
This is not as stupid as it sounds. Our knowledge of print wizardry means that almost any effect is possible. Take a look at our print portfolio to see our achievements.
Can you please use all of the numbers in the alphabet?
Believe it or not we were once asked this. We didn't use them all.
We really love this logo can you copy it for us?
If there is definitely one thing we are not down with, it is plagiarism. The whole point of getting a logo designed is that it is 100% unique, and that's what we aim to do for every project. Check out our logo design portfolio to view our previous iconic projects.
Can you send me the logo in a PSD so I can edit it?
We work with vectors and therefore don't output logo designs for layered PSD files. We also offer logo usage guidelines, which explain why the artwork should not be tampered with.
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