Our Creative Design Process – Real Imagination

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Design Brief – the plan of attack

Without a predetermined set of actions, any project will be doomed to failure. This is the most important stage of any project, which is why we will work with you to ensure we get the most out of a design brief as possible. It's the road map for a successful solution and we need to know as much about projects and targets as much as possible.

Research – assessing the targets

You probably think you know who you want to target but it might not be who you should be targeting. We will help to do background research on the target audience for every project and present our findings. We can't go through the personal lives of your competitors (that would be silly) but we will look at how they have branded their businesses and try to identify a perfect niche. Analysis of research is invaluable to us as it helps to form our thought process whilst at the same time removing any possible cliché ideas from the possible solutions.

Real Imagination – our secret weapon

We differ from other designers, agencies and any other creative folk because we do a hell of a lot of thinking. There is no point in drawing for the sake of it unless we have the good solid foundations of a great idea in place. We think beyond first and last impressions to analyse the way in which the audience will engage with our creations. We don't design for the tastes of other designers and we don't limit creativity by putting a set number on concepts. We only show the best ideas that will work.

Presentation – liberating ideas

With great ideas in our arsenal we would be more than happy to share our vision with you. We like to discuss ideas early on, so presentation could take the form of a rough sketch or even a light discussion, just to make sure we are on the right track and to make you understand our vision.

Testing – idea scrutiny

Once a direction gets approved for further development, we will return to the drawing board (literally) and push the concept as far as it will go by creating various iterations. We may return to the research stage to present our concepts to a select group of the target audience just to gain a scope of whether the right reaction is being achieved. Careful time is also considered to the adaptability and longevity of designs. Should any adjustments need to be made as a result of testing they will be done so accordingly.

Final Artwork/Coding – creative freedom

With everything in place we need to make sure that the artwork is 100% polished. If it's a web development project we will need time to make sure everything works on every available platform and screen resolution.

Delivery & Support – maintaining an allegiance

We don't just supply you with the final artwork and send you on your way. We will offer support and guidance through the launch of your new identity and/or website, plus we always like to get to know clients on a more personal level rather than a pure business relationship.
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