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Our Creative Logo Design Portfolio


An independent organic food company based in the heart of the United Kingdom. The concept is founded upon being 'The king of the crop'.


An illustrated logo for a blog & online shop about handmade jewellery. We espcially enjoyed illustrating a personal character that brings the brand name to life.

Dig for Saint Michaels

An identity for a charity fundraising event involving the renovation of Saint Michael's church. The icon is a combination of a spade and a stained glass window.

Wine Searcher

We pitched a new identity to one of the biggest online wine dtabases. Inspiration was drawn from the simple contours of a wine bottle.


Wasteline is a recycling start-up based in the West Midlands, UK. The logotype is created using custom letterforms which resemble every day recycle objects.


Initially pitched to an online music portal which showcases everything related to bass guitars.


A local dog walking service. The client requested a friendly and approachable logo in an illustrative style. The mark incporporates the initial of the brand name into the simple line drawing.

Bright Sparks

A charity that helps kids with promise reach their potential who come from underprivileged families. This is symbolised by the child being lifted by the lightbulb balloon.


A personal project we started for a local bike repair shop. The mark is created using an infinite bike chain to achieve the illusion of movement.


Beneship is a multi-modal shipping application based in the United States. The icon is an abstract representation of modern and dynamic shipping solutions out of the box.


An outdoor clothing brand shop based in San Francisco. Inspiration: get outdoors and be active.

Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels is a graphic design collaborative based in The Netherlands.


Jungpark is a web development company in Berlin, Germany. The brief requested a custom designed bird icon.

Dianne Dieplo

Dianne Dieplo is a classical voice training coach based in Argentina. The monogram is comprised of two 'd's and a crotchet note.


KittyCare is a new range of cat care products based in the Czech Republic. The illustration symbolises cats being at ease even in the presence of their supposed enemies.


See:Evil was the first logo design we ever created. It was initially for a skateboarding & artists collaborative, symbolising the dangers and bravery of extreme sports.

Almog Design

An interactive designer based in Istrael commissioned us to design their new identity. 'Almog' is hebrew for the word 'coral'.

Pixel Demon

A logo initially created for practice in the early days, which was then adopted by an american web developer.


BR&ING (pronounced 'branding') is an online portal which showcases everything related to the craft of branding. The ampersand replacing part of the word is a visual representation of the process of branding.

Course Explorer

Originally part of the pitch to Wine Searcher, which would evolve to cover various search related websites. Course Explorer would form the golf search website.

A Little FX

A Little FX is an independant film production company in Alberta, Canada. The concept is based upon small budgets can still achieve big screen effects.


Manifold is a non-traditional marketing agency based in San Francisco. The concept evolved from the study of brain waves.

Music Tandem

A new iPad appplication which allows users to search for new music based on an artist search. The icon is a symbol of an infinite playlist.

Mikazuki Camera

Mikazuki Camera is the moniker for a photographer based in Hawaii, hence the mark combination of a palm tree and camera.


Forthcoming Information Centre for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals. The icon symbolises putting a stop to the heartache of suffering animals.


Velloci is a fashion brand based in Bahrain. We designed an icon which puts them on par with the biggest fashion houses in the world. The mark is also used as a repeatable pattern.

Jam Session

We designed the logo for an online guitar lesson website. A guitar icon is incorporated into the logotype.


A games developement company who creates exciting games for mobile devices and online operating systems.


Caraweb is a provider of wireless internet services to caravan websites in the UK. The icon incorporates a wireless symbol with a secion of spiders web.


Solangel Properties is a new organistaion formed in the UK which offers help, guidance and support to British citizens seeking to start a new life in Spain.

Fish Five

For a forthcoming blog on competitive fishing. The concept is based upon users diving right in for the latest info, similar to throwing a fish back into the water.

Fraai Web Design

Fraai Web Design is a web development & design company based in The Netherlands. 'Fraai' means 'beautiful' in Dutch.


Techton is a plumbing company. Spanner/wrench heads coming togethert to form a 'T' standing for teamwork and Techton.

Another Boring Bird Tweet

Another Boring Bird Tweet is a bird watching blog run by our good friend Cath Watson.


Ventura Consulting Group is a construction consultancy based in San Fransico. The mark is combined of the VCG initials and a pyramid image.

Spot Productions

An identity for a film producer. The concept evolved from the idea of being creative with film.
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