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Do I need a website?

18th Feb 13

In this day and age, the simple answer is yes.

Whether your company is a florists, a football club or a clothing retailer you can guarantee that a website will bring your company some huge benefits. The internet is still growing, and with the rise of social media, is only going to get bigger in the years to come.

Think about any scenario where someone is trying to find some information. They might be looking for a local restaurant, a glazing company or somewhere to enroll their children in school. Where will almost every search now start? The internet. You then see the importance of adding your brand to this ever growing list of companies who have an online presence. If your competitors have one, they might be taking business that could be coming to you. If they don’t, you have an opportunity to gain some ground.

What benefits can a website bring me

  • Cost effective – Compared to traditional advertising campaigns, a website is comparatively cheap.
  • Mass Market – You can reach far more consumers with a website than you could ever dream of through traditional methods.
  • Longevity – Providing you keep you website up to date, it will always be accessible.
  • Always open – No matter if your website is an online shop or a simple informative website, it is always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Flexibility – If you do not like your company flyer, it can be a huge pain to change, coming at a large cost. A website on the other hand can be changed and updated with very limited cost and fuss (normally)
  • Enhanced feedback – An online website with the correct functionality can enable you to gain feedback from your customers and potential customers that you could only dream of with a “bricks only” approach.
  • Space – A website can be as large or as small as you want. Compared to the limited space that print options offer, a website enables you to display all of your information in one easily accessible space.

The above are just of a few of the many, many reasons you should consider investing in a website. With an increasing number of companies looking to a website as a form of advertising and sales stream perhaps the real question should not be do I need a website, but can you afford not to have one?




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