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Recently I was asked by the popular design resource website, Smashing Magazine, to give my opinion on the 10 most common mistakes in logo design. It was a great honour and I am currently working on some more articles which will hopefully be published in the near future. The most common mistakes read as follows:

1. Designed By An Amateur
2. Relies on Trends
3. Uses Raster Images
4. Contains Stock Art
5. Designing For Yourself Rather Than The Client
6. Overly Complex
7. Relies On Colour
8. Poor Choice Of Font
9. Has Too Many Fonts
10. Copying Others

Your can read the article in its entirety over at Smashing Magazine. I would like to thank everyone at SM, particularly Vitaly for this great opportunity.



  1. 30/06/09
    10:22 am
    Nice article Gareth
  2. 01/07/09
    2:09 pm
    Very concise and accurate. Great article Gareth.
  3. 02/07/09
    12:26 pm
    Good on you for getting featured on SM, Gareth, and happy birthday again!
  4. 05/08/09
    5:28 am
    Most of us can't go further than first mistake =) at least we still try it, good article
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