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Incase you didn’t already know, here is a short background of the Occupy Movement according to Wikipedia:

“The Occupy movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against economic and social inequality.”

Having read that you would assume that such a ‘movement’ would be opposed to a system that only rewards winners, or people judged to be top of the pile? Well, for some bizarre reason, which I find incredibly laughable, the ‘movement’ have decided to launch a logo design competition which will offer the chance for designers to ‘win’ a cash reward for designing their identity. As of 5th February 2012, almost 600 designers have entered. That’s at least 599 designers who won’t get paid for work. Does that sound equal and just to you? Even if every designer got paid and they shared the $1000 prize that would equate to $1.68 each.

For anyone who is interested here is the competition link:

This is completely hypocritical of their ‘protest’. I’m going to start my own movement called the occupy occupy movement movement.



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