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I am happy to announce that the identity I created for Lions & Lambs Media Group LLC is to be published in WOLDA 09 (Worldwide Logo Design Annual. This is a huge honour. You can see some of the other winners here. Maybe next year we can win one of those awesome trophies they have.



  1. 09/06/10
    4:49 am
    Congratulations, Gareth! :D
  2. 14/06/10
    2:05 pm
    Well desreved. This is a really well rendered inspirational logo design. I wont be surprised if this isn't the last example of your work to be included in WOLDA. Tidy!
  3. 16/06/10
    6:15 pm
    That's a great logo. Congratulations on having it published in WOLDA!
  4. 31/10/10
    10:39 pm
    Good on you brotha I got a copy of the WOLDA annual in the mail today and saw your logo. 99 percent better than the rest of them in there! Peace!
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