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Brand A Brander

4th Jul 09

I was lucky enough to take part in a branding experiment organised by Nathan of 12 designers were asked, at random, to rebrand one of the other participants. I was asked to redesign the logo for Yossi Belki of

Each designer was given the answers to the following questions in order to form a design frief:

1. What name should be in the logo?
2. Is there a tagline that should be used?
3. Pick 4 words that explain what you want to portray int he logo.
4. Any specific colors?
5. Target market?
6. Any specific things that need to be included?

For Yossi I was asked to create a fun, retro, 70’s influenced design, so I decided to create a funky custom typeface. The designer who had the difficult task of rebranding my own business was Joshua Geiger of, and I think the design he created was very interesting.


You can check out the re-design I submitted along with the rest of the design solutions over on Nathan’s Blog. Thanks again Nathan for allowing me to take part.



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