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There are currently hundreds of sites/blogs dedicated to logo design inspiration, the most popular ones being Logopond & Logolounge. However, this is not a pretty list of useful sites for inspiring logos, no, this a warning to all identity designers that your works may well be being used for more than pretty eye candy.

It has recently been brought to my attention that (shown below) is simply plucking images from the Logopond gallery to use for their own content, with no permission from the owner of Logopond or the designers of said logos.


This is, in effect, an infringement of copyright. What’s also alarming is that the keywords “free logos” are in the title of the site, so it makes you wonder if visitors simply think it’s a logo stockshop. I have emailed the owner of this site in the past asking for my work to be removed but have yet to receive a response, so if you notice some of your own work on there feel free to email me and I will pass on the site owners contact details.

The second site I wish to bring to your attention is


Now this one is a different beast. This looks like a blatant SEO stunt for the “partners” listed on the site. I won’t link to them until I know for definite, I’m still trying to track down the relevant contact information. From what I can see they are uploading logos from all over the web with no title, description, designer info, or hyperlinks. A clueless client might think that all of the works were carried out by the “partners”.

I am fully supportive of inspiration sites that give designers credit but to simply take an image from another site is theft. If you know of any others please name and shame them. Protect your work.



  1. 07/06/09
    5:55 pm
    While I don't quite believe designers that say they don't get ANY inspiration from looking at others work, this is down-right criminal. Legally it might be difficult to track down and prosecute these scumbags, but I like you "name and shame" approach. If the design community at large finds out about these sites, they can shunned and hopefully shut down. Thanks for sharing this information Gareth, nice post. @JeremyTuber
  2. 07/06/09
    6:27 pm
    Richard Barratt
    It's a real shame but more and more of this stuff is happening all over the web. Not just with logo design but also with photography, business models, copywriting, etc, etc... Worse still there is not too much anyone can do to stop it. The one saving grace however is the people that use these sites (end users or not) are likely to be clients whom arnt in it for the long game, whom don't invest in their brand, and are always looking for the cheapest option. Luckily, the best type of clients are the opposite of these and therefore are unlikely to use this type of resource. Still it doesn't excuse these guys from being ripp-off scaggs with no ideas of their own!!!
  3. 08/06/09
    5:06 am
    Thx Gareth. I have been emailing the first site also to no avail, unfortunately its almost impossible to stop sites like these from stealing the images. I'm still looking into it to try to see what can be done
  4. 08/06/09
    9:43 am
    Thanks Gareth for the heads up! I'm sick to death of people using my work or other designers to promote themselves or their blog/site.If you use my work link it back to my portfolio or I'll hunt you down and tear off your arms...;)
  5. 08/06/09
    4:43 pm
    Wow great attention towards my site Well anyone who has a proof of is logo is welcome to contact me and I will take care that the page will credit you You may register on the website here: You will be an author automatically and I will post your logo under your username. Contact me at: The logos were uploaded by website users We do not take charge of what they do there. We will put the terms and conditions online soon. Freddie
  6. 08/06/09
    6:34 pm
    One good tool for photographers (and logo designers) to check for online use of their material is
  7. 08/06/09
    7:26 pm
    Freddie, You shouldn't ask owners of the designs to register on your site if they want logos removed. The designs aren't your property. I don't think people would mind so much if you didn't appear to pass the work off as your own, such as Mike's City Direct logo here:
  8. 08/06/09
    10:14 pm
    Freddie, I wouldn't call it "great attention". Gareth, another great post. It's a great feeling knowing all you design friends out there are looking out for one another. I'm feeling the love!
  9. 13/06/09
    4:58 pm
    Freddie, WE should not have to chase you, if you want to use our logos then it is your job to credit us for the work we have done.
  10. 15/06/09
    4:59 pm
    Freddie, I noticed that one of my logos is on your website, remove it. Gareth, great post!
  11. 16/06/09
    9:15 pm
    Freddie, This is hardly what I would call good publicity for your ill-conceived attempt at an inspiration site. Either you are extremely naive or very stupid to think that this is in any way acceptable. Thanks Gareth for bringing this to everyone's attention.
  12. 29/06/09
    5:47 pm
    Thanks for bringing these sites to attention. Btw great blog it!
  13. 21/06/10
    4:25 pm
    I've had plenty of attention from site rippers in the past and have resorted to reporting the sites to Google under their DMCA process. If you can prove that the site has ripped your stuff then google will often just remove the site from the google listings. Often just the threat of reporting them to google will do the trick to save you jumping through the google hoops.
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