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I was recently comissioned by a web designer/developer to rebrand his freelance identity. Almog Koren, a talented flex designer based in Israel, wanted his new brand to illustrate the meaning behind the name “Almog” which means “coral” in Hebrew. We both decided that a more abstract approach was suited so that it was not completely apparent that the mark was indeed a symbol of coral and the sea, but still had an ocean-like feel. The bubbles in the icon form an arrow pointing upwards which shows that Almog Design uses the latest technologies and offer forward-thinking solutions.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Almog the best of luck in the future. To learn more please visit:



  1. 16/08/09
    2:27 pm
    brilliant work
  2. 06/09/09
    8:05 pm
    I didn't need to know what Almog means to see the ocean link in the device. The coral aspect is nicely cut into the icon. In fact, the logo makes you want to visit wikipedia. Very nice logo.
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