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It seems it’s become more important than ever to show how a mark was constructed rather than the message behind the concept. Something I’ve noticed that is becoming more and more predominant is the incessant use of circular grids in logo design. The kind of grid I am talking about is not the golden ratio, but a peculiar obsession with the use of circles in order to form curves, shapes and even letterforms. It reminds me of this famous image by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Vitruvian Man:

Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Admittedly, looking at logo design construction grids is quite interesting, especially for more figurate marks that require extreme precision and are mainly based on simple shapes. There is also no denying that the golden ratio helps to improve balance. However, it seems that some designers seem to think that they now have to use a circular grid formula in order to create a great logo or dare I say it…get noticed by peers.

As a result some designs look odd at best, especially as not all curves are created using perfect circles, that’s what the pen tool is for. So my opinion is that circular grids do at times offer an advantage in rare circumstances but are not a definite process requirement.

What do you think?



  1. 20/04/12
    4:59 pm
    Hello, Where can I find tutorials and more information about Circular grids and designs based on it!? Something like this but I can't understand how to do it in Illustrator.
  2. 18/02/13
    8:24 pm
    I've rolled(circled) my eyes many times.
  3. 19/02/13
    1:34 pm
    I agree. Usually when I see these grids, they really don't serve any purpose at all other than to "look cool." Also, thanks for censoring the Vitruvian Man, Gareth. That could have been very traumatizing so early in the morning. =P
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