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We all take pride in our appearance. When preparing for a night out or an important meeting it’s common to pick out a new outfit specifically for the occasion, or to get a haircut to ensure that we look our best. Why? To impress our peers, of course, and to gain a sense of added confidence and self-pride.

Imagine a scenario where upon arriving at a meeting no one in attendance could be bothered to take care of his or her appearance. No suits, dresses, ties or classy handbags. What would you think? Would you be impressed? Would you do business with a scruffy looking fellow? Probably not.

First impressions last, and this applies to the appearance of businesses as well as its employees. The branding used by the business, in particular the logo, acts as the visual identity of the business. The logo should be unique so that it remains in the minds of the viewer. Memorable branding through effective graphic design can provide a business with a competitive advantage, and more often than not this is overlooked.

It is highly important that a serious business that wants to compete in the marketplace employs the design services of experienced graphic designers to ensure that they look professional in the eyes of prospective and existing clients. Rather than designing your logo yourself or using crowd-sourcing services, which will result in poor quality, it is ideal to contact a branding expert who can provide a solution unique to your requirements. What do you think your logo says about your business?



  1. 06/09/09
    7:45 pm
    It always seems as though a new business owner will consider the branding of the company as a final consideration of his/her budget. The reverse should be the trend. It is very unlikely that a company with poor branding will grow without an image update. ( is an exception to the rule. awful childsplay logo deisgn!)
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