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I’m pleased to say that my book, Smashing Logo Design, will go on sale in both the UK & US on Friday 10th June 2011. Pre-orders are now being taken from all of the large book retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.

To find out more about the book please visit:



  1. 06/06/11
    8:03 pm
    Congratulations on your new book! It looks like it is already available (in stock) and available for shipping as of about an hour ago. I was hoping that there would be a 'Look Inside' feature. I look forward to reading the reviews. Best wishes for much success!
  2. 07/06/11
    4:24 pm
    Good luck with the sales, Gareth. Here's hoping it leads to bigger and better things for you.
  3. 07/06/11
    5:35 pm
    @Sandy - hopefully a look inside option would be available very soon @David - thanks so much, means a lot :)
  4. 09/06/11
    4:57 pm
    That is a massive accomplishment my friend - congratulations! I can tell you already, it's going to be a hit -- so buy early everyone!
  5. 16/06/11
    4:32 pm
    Congratulations Gareth, that's super exciting. I'm going to order mine today!
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