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I love nothing better than illustrating quirky concepts and they don’t get much quirkier than this. The lovely Angie from Gnomeangel got in touch seeking a new identity for her blog/etsy store and I was more than happy to oblige. The name Gnomeangel has a very interesting and unusual background as Angie explains:

It’s a hybrid nickname a friend gave me. I used to steal gnomes when I got drunk (don’t laugh, I grew up in a small Aussie town it was the only brand of excitement I had!) and I have a tattoo of the word angel, so she combined the two and it stuck.

And so there she is, the Gnomeangel. To find out more visit



  1. 25/09/09
    11:44 am
    I love illustration logos. This is classic. this is a popular style and is very well accomplished here. I like the background story!
  2. 25/09/09
    10:10 pm
    That sir, is very cool indeed.
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