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The World Cup is almost upon us (a real worldwide tournament to any World Series fans reading). I’ve just been shown the new logo for the World Cup being hosted in 2014. I knew it reminded me of something.

If ever a logo made you think “Oh dear!” then this HAS to be it. What do you think?



  1. 07/06/10
    8:50 pm
    This is an odd logo for sure, but still better than that London Logotrocity.
  2. 07/06/10
    11:33 pm
    Very sad. Why the f*** a french design studio would be responsible for designing a brazilian World Cup logo? Please let me know if you know the reason.
  3. 30/10/10
    10:42 pm
    i love watching the world cup on television coz i am a football addict `
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