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Ever wondered if your country has a logo? Aside from national flags or state emblems, every nations tourist board has employed branding tacticts to entice new visitors to their land. Here’s a collection of logos you may see next time you’re planning a holiday…


After seeing these, which country would you most and least like to visit?



  1. 16/09/09
    2:41 pm
    Which would I most like to visit? Isle of Man. Because no man is an island. Wait a minute...
  2. 16/09/09
    2:41 pm
    Great list! Just a note though - I think New Zealand has been using this one for a number of years now
  3. 16/09/09
    2:49 pm
    The Duffy & Partners logo for the Bahamas has always been a favorite. I love the fact that each element represents an individual island. (
  4. 16/09/09
    3:52 pm
    Alejandro Pachón
    The brand of Perú is very inspiring and talks a lot about the country. I find the Australia logo disgusting is like an act of violence over the kangaroo. Only a few of the rest says something about their country.
  5. 16/09/09
    5:15 pm
    Australia and The Bahamas stand out for me.
  6. 16/09/09
    5:43 pm
    I agree with Jeff and Roy. Bahamas logo is very well worked out. Brazil's is quite nice too although I'm not sure why? Sweden and Austria didn't put too much effort in did they?
  7. 17/09/09
    4:45 am
    Very nice. It is surprising how good a lot of these logos truly are! I love the Bahamas logo. I guess I just see it a lot being from Florida and so close to the Bahamas. We get a lot of their tv commercials. I'm not really a fan of the South Africa or Peru logos. South Africa's logo looks like there is too much detail to ever be used small and Peru could do without the gradient.
  8. 17/09/09
    10:10 am
    Great list! I really like Greece and Cyprus logos, makes me think of sunny beaches :)
  9. 22/09/09
    4:13 pm
    I've aways liked my country's logo (México), but there are lots of great ones to choose from, great list :)
  10. 27/09/09
    2:10 pm
    wow great list some use the symbol very well
  11. 11/11/09
    7:09 pm
    I like this one I can not see it on your list. cheers alex
  12. 26/02/10
    4:41 pm
    very nice and clean design
  13. 09/11/10
    12:53 pm
    Hi there! Romania changed its logo in the summer of this year - 2010.
  14. 13/06/11
    11:05 am
    I love Peru & Sri Lanka's logos.
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