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For a music channel that is 30 years old next year it could be forgivable for them to show signs of aging, maybe even a little stuck in their ways. But a brand aimed at a younger fashion savvy generation can’t afford to be left behind, and I think this is reason for the recent brand overhaul of MTV. See below:


Is it fatter or shorter? I will let you decide. However, the most notable change is the removal of the words “Music Television” from the logo showing that MTV obviously thinks they have been around long enough for them to lose the descriptor, a tactic also employed by the likes of huge multinationals Nike, Apple & McDonald’s. Also, notice the clipping mask of random images for the background? Looks like the Aolesque™ trend is really kicking in now, but that’s for another article.

You can read more on the new MTV brand over at Rolling Stone



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