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It’s official. The election season is in, so time to roll out the baby kissers, dust off the old croners and most importantly release the cheesy advertising campaigns.

You may have recently noticed that the Labour party has scored an own goal with a certain poster that pictures the opposing party leading, David Cameron as Gene from the TV programme Ashes to Ashes.


Amazingly, the poster was designed by the winner of a competition (yes a design contest). Within 24 hours the Conservatives had put their own spin on the billboard, which has since painted Cameron to be a cool & down to earth character by the media (if you believe that then you will believe anything).


Regardless of the stupid error to put the identity of the Labour party in the hands of spec designers I find it hard to ignore the bad quality of the Photoshopped images. If I was voting based on anatomical accuracy then it would go to the Conservatives, though it still looks dodgy. Having said that the Labour poster has Cameron’s big head down to a tee.

Also, notice the font, Neo Sans. My prediction that this will be the most over used font of 2010 is looking on point so far.



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