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Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past god knows how many months, you’ll know that there has recently been a Royal Wedding. With so much intrigue into the design of the dress, what flowers they will pick and even down the nature of the vows, I was sat watching it looking out for logos. Yes, I know that is very sad, but in a way I was forced to watch it (I’m sure you’ve all been there).

It got me thinking that in a sense logos have been around much longer than the first ever registered trademark, and that logos are not just for us mere commoners, even royalty has a use for them. Below I’ve compiled and listed the familiar logos, crests & emblems used by the British Royal Family.

Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal Coat of Arms is the official coat of arms of the reigning head of the British Monarchy, who is currently Queen Elizabeth II. It may only be used by the Queen.
The three lions are also used in a variety of logos relating to english sports teams as explained in this previous article that I have written, History of the English Three Lions.

Badge of the House of Windsor

The badge of the House of Windsor is used to represent the ruling house of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. It was first used in 1930 when King George IV changed the family name to Windsor for fear that the Royal Family was perceived as being too “German rather than English”. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was therefore changed to the rather English sounding Windsor.

Buckingham Palace

Yes, even Buckingham Palace has it’s own logo which features a one-colour version of the Royal Coat of Arms matched with a very modern looking uppercase sans-serif font. This is found on all documents (including official letterheads) issued by the palace.

Prince Charles Coat of Arms

I can’t get over the tremendous amount of detail that goes into the design of these Royal Coat of Arms. The Prince of Wales. One interesting fact is that it includes the German phrase ‘Ich Dien’ which translates ‘I serve’ which also hints towards the German links tied to the British Royal Family.

Prince of Wales’ Feathers

Technically referred to as a heraldic badge, The Prince of Wale’s Feathers are used by Prince Charles during all of his official activites and is also commonly used by the Welsh Rugby Union team. Again, the phrase ‘Ich Dien’ is taken from Prince Charles’ own Royal Coat of Arms.

Royal Insignia

Queen’s Personal Flag

Personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II is used to symbolise the Queen’s rank and dignity. It does have a European Union vibe to it, maybe it’s the circular form and colours.

The Royal Parks

Yep, even The Royal Parks have a logo, designed by London based 300 million.

Royal Mail

Although it is no longer an official ‘Royal Service’, the Royal Mail still carries the crown emblem to symbolise it’s history. Founded in 1516, it was initially only used by Royalty until it was made a public service over 100 years later. You will see this logo, or variations on it on traditional red postboxes all over the United Kingdom.



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